Vendor Spotlight: Keane Eye Photography

By: twadmin | 8 Feb 2018


Vendor Spotlight

As a new feature to our wedding blog, every first Friday of the month I will be choosing a different preferred vendor to showcase their work at various Mansion events during the past year. This month I have chosen Erica Keane of Keane Eye Photography. Erica not only continually manages to WOW me with her photography skills, she is always ready to volunteer her time and talent at our annual Harvest Dinner fundraiser. The biographical information below was taken right from the About page on her website;


“I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a best friend. I find clarity when I run and I enjoy coming home to cook a homemade meal. If I were to tell you 3 words to describe me; I am animated, loving and honest!

erica with her kids sitting on the beach

I love a good motivational quote and I would like my house to look like my pinterest board! I like to think that someday I will have enough time to make, create and play all of the things I have tagged on pinterest! I have completed a 70.3 1/2 Ironman race and in the same year I finished a marathon!…On my bucket list is to do it all again!

I go the extra mile to get to know my clients and spend time for you to get to know me! Send me an email & lets talk about your day!”

couple sitting on stairs while family member gives toast

Wedding Photography

The wedding of Brenda and Andrew is the first event at the Mansion that Erica photographed and immediately caught my eye. The use of color, lighting and setting are remarkable. In every photograph the joy of the newly married couple comes through, as well as the love and laughter of their friends and family who are there to support them. Read about their day through the eyes of the photographer on her blog post; Brenda & Andrew – Tarrywile Mansion Wedding.

Tent Wedding

The wedding of Annie & Anthony was so extraordinary I was able to build a whole new marketing campaign with Erica’s photo’s as the focal point. Romance, beautiful bride, handsome groom, soft colors, fun, excitement most especially love shine through each photograph. Every time I revisit this couple’s wedding photographs I can’t help the feeling that I’m actually there sharing in their love story even if it is two years later. To read more from Erica’s blog; Annie & Anthony – Tarrywile Park & Mansion Wedding

bride and groom kissing in front of the decorated veranda
introducing Mr. and Mrs.

The wedding of Dana & Erik stole my heart seeing the raw emotion that was captured on the faces of the family members when the bride and groom read their hand written vows to each. It looked like there wasn’t a dry eye among any of them. The love captured during the first look photographs is priceless and the joy and happiness captured by all the guests during the reception always brings a smile to my face. Read from Erica’s blog for the day; Dana & Erik – Tarrywile Mansion Wedding

The wedding of Brandon & Catherine really brought out the playful sometimes shy intimacy of a small wedding at Tarrywile Mansion. Brandon and Cat chose December for their wedding and were blessed with fair weather. The day was mild enough that they decided to do their “first look” on the grounds amid our sleeping flower gardens. The bride and groom as well as all their guests looked so at ease and happy in all the photos which is a testament of Erica’s skill at being unobtrusive and yet so very present at any event she photographs.

I love the way our holiday decorations were incorporated into the wedding day “details” photographs, Erica made sure the holiday theme was present but not the focal point of the day. The entire day was so cleverly woven together to tell Brandon and Catherine’s holiday love story. Read Erica’s blog for further details; Brandon & Catherine – Tarryile Mansion Wedding

family photo in conservatory with everyone cheering
couple kissing under grape arbor

The wedding of Marie and Erik was one of an older (no not old) couple looking to have a laid back celebration that their family and friends would enjoy. They were easy to work with and you can see that they had a comfortable rapport with Erica. Erica captured so many special moments in time through out the day, when brought together gave testament to a love story that has already stood the test of time and will continue to hold firm in the years to come. Read Marie & Erik’s story on Erica’s blog; Marie & Erik – Tarrywile Mansion Wedding

The October wedding of Mike & Shael is a beautiful example of a mature couple looking for a simple wedding ceremony and a casual reception to follow. The late October sun created a beautiful dappled look that Erica managed to capture during their wedding ceremony. Erica was also sensitive to the fact that their children needed to be included in all the most important moments. She captured the love and joy of this little family beautifully. I can’t help but smile when I see photo’s of the family together, love, light and joy radiate from each moment in time. Well done Erica! To read more about Shael & Mike go to her blog page; Shael & Mike – Tarrwile Mansion Wedding

bride, groom and kids in front of mansion