Winter Hiking Tips

By: twadmin | 6 Mar 2018
snow covered fence

Be Bold, Start Cold; 10 Tips for Winter Hiking

– Source: CT Forest & Park Association January 2018 Newsletter – by Hanna Holcomb

  • Check local conditions and the weather forecast. Make sure roads are accessible and that trials are open
  • Wear breathable, wicking layers. No cotton! Have a winter had and gloves, and always wear proper footwear. Nothing can ruin a winter hike faster than cold hands and feet.

Rules to Remember

  • Remember the Rule of 20’s: Dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer, but pack enough clothing to protect you from worst-case scenario that turns 20 degrees colder.
  • Start hiking cold, but not freezing, to prevent sweating. Remove a layer if you start to sweat.
  • No thermos? No problem. Put a thick sock over a water bottle to prevent liquid from freezing. Either way, stay hydrated!
  • Stay warm with snacks that have a high-fat content, like nuts and cheese
  • Keep electronics close to your body to prevent dead battery.
  • Be prepared for ice on the ridges and on steep slope. Use microspikes when necessary
  • It gets dark early in winter. Carry a headlamp of flashlight and plan accordingly so you don’t get stranded in the dare.
  • make a hiking plan and let others know about it. And don’t be afraid to turn around if weather conditions change unexpectedly.
picture of tarrywile park trail map
Remember above all else leave no trace, respect wildlife, leash your dog, leave what you find, respect fellow park users and always be prepared.
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