Newlywed Quick 10: Jenn & Paul

By: twadmin | 3 Jul 2019

Newlywed Quick 10

In retrospect, would the newlyweds change anything about their wedding day. Read on to find out.

Wedding Date: June 1, 2019


Jenn & Paul

  1. Number of venues considered: We considered 3 venues including Tarrywile.
  2. Number of guests: about 75 guests
  3. Adjectives to describe your dress/attire: Stunning and Beautiful.
    1. Repairs or dry cleaning post wedding? Just dry cleaning.
  4. First look? Yes we did a first look at Tarrywile
  5. Goldilocks your party: too much, not enough, just right: It was just right although the night flew by sadly. We just wish it not go by so fast.
  6. Ceremony location: at the Gazebo, although the conservatory was our backup plan in case it rained but we lucked out with the weather.
  7. Most surprising: walking into the reception after the ceremony and seeing that our caterer (Carriage House) had everything up to every one of our specifications and requirements. It was perfect, really the entire day was surprisingly perfect, every aspect of it.
  8. Stand out memory: standing with each other at the “alter”, even though we were surrounded by family and friends it felt like it was just us in our own little world.

9. Honeymoon when/where? Nothing planned yet, we are saving up for one but not yet decided where to go.

9. Would you change anything? No, we would not change anything at all. It was a perfect day. It was everything we dreamt it would be.

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