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Tarrywile Park & Mansion

Newsletter vol. 16

Tarrywile Mansion in the Springtime
The City of Danbury's "Hidden Jewel" - a treasured resource available to all Danbury residents and surround towns

A Thought Starter for this Month:

A review was recently posted on our Google Storefront that speaks to what Tarrywile Park & Mansion means to so many people.

“If you live in the area then you have an absolute gem in your backyard. Well maintained, clean and beautiful. Hike the trails, run cross country around the fields, yoga by the pond, or have lunch on the many picnic tables spread out across the park. If your visiting or new to the area and enjoy the outdoors then you need to visit this wonderful place.” – 5 Star Review by Christopher DeMato

Mr. DeMato is just one example of the many people who walk through our gates and find peace, the stillness of nature, and open space to gather with family and friends.


Thirty-four years ago, Tarrywile was bought when the neighbors took action, and through a grass roots effort forced the purchase question to a city wide referendum. In the years since, we have remained a public park.


Funding for the Park has become a constant struggle. Our very existence is dependent upon the benevolence of our city officials, a fluctuating economy, budget cuts and the limited support of the park lovers that donate to Tarrywile. For some, Tarrywile may just be a name, a line item or number on an annual report. But for others, the Tarrywile Park Authority and the staff, it is so much more.



June was a month made for love and marriage, especially at Tarrywile Mansion. We were honored to be able to share in so many young couples wedding day.

Jordan and Ashley tied the know on the first Saturday in June with a casual celebration catered by our favorite food truck. The couple in the photo above; Rich and Alicia, were united marriage on the second Saturday in June. They were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, their guests enjoyed lawn games during their tent reception.

Nancy and Andrew were married on the third Saturday in June and had the opportunity to have one of Andrew’s employees handle the catering. I heard later that the “boss” was well pleased.


June 22nd was the day Sarah and Casey joined their lives together in wedded bliss. Their reception was a mix of trendy dance club and historic charm.

The last weekend of June saw back to back weddings: Saturday was the wedding and reception for Casey and Robert.  Sarah and Caleb held their Jewish wedding ceremony and reception on Sunday.

Planning a special event? Give us a call at 203-744-3130, or email;, we’d love to discuss how Tarrywile Mansion would be perfect for your next celebration or wedding day.



Summer is upon us. School is out, graduation parties have been held, hay fields will be mowed and the temperatures will start to rise. If you are coming the the Park to go for a hike, remember to stay hydrated and the same for any four legged friends you are bringing.

Remember, dogs cannot sweat like humans and are at a higher risk of overheating. While you might not need water for a short hike, your dog will.

Please also remember to keep your dogs leashed. June saw several different occasions where dogs chased wildlife.  One such incident ended with the dog attacking a groundhog. Our staff quickly loaded it into a box and headed for the wildlife rehabilitation clinic. Sadly she did not make it. Tarrywile Park abides by the posted leash law. That law is in place to keep your dog, other dogs, humans and wildlife safe. Please abide by it.

fawn rabbit and gopher respect all wildlife

Park users should also be aware of another report of black bears in the Park. It is another good reason to have your dogs on a leash. Take a moment to educate yourself and “Be Bear Aware”. Visit the CT DEEP website for more information.

Until next time remember; leave no trace, respect wildlife, leash your dog, leave what you find, respect fellow park users, always be prepared, stay cool but most importantly enjoy all Tarrywile has to offer.

Mansion News: We would like to welcome Kaitlynn Slocum tot he ranks of house supervisor. Kaitlynn has been working with us in the position of parking supervisor for the past two years and expressed an interest in becoming more involved in working Mansion events. She is currently an undergrad at Gateway Community College in New Haven and would eventually like to earn a degree in film and production.

Events at the Mansion: June may be the month for love and marriage but it is also the month for graduations. Congratulations to Melissa on graduating High School and moving on to college in Boston. Her Mom and Dad wanted to stay close so they decided to retire and move from Danbury to Chatham, on Cape Cod. The Waheed family, long time clients, had a family gathering – Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan. Schaeffler Aerospace wanted to show their out of town business associates a little taste of New England and chose Tarrywile Manson as the location for their corporate dinner.

Happenings in the Park: Yoga at the Park continues every Sunday down by the Red Barn. Enjoy an hour of relaxation while communing with nature. The Danbury Library in association with the Pratt Center is hosting a Team STEAM Camp; Outdoor Survival at Tarrywile Park beginning Monday, July 8th through Friday, July 12th. Great Plain School hosts a summer camp with field trips to the Park. The Library is also hosting a Guided Nature and Bird Walk at Tarrywile Park, scheduled for July 13th at 9:00 am.

Fast Facts: Tarrywile is home to 8 species of fish: 2 types of Sunfish, Bass, Trout, Golden Shiner and 2 Types of Dace. Fishing is allowed but all CT fishing regulations must be followed.


If you belong to an organization which would like to contribute to the Park by way of a community service project, a donated service or monetary donation, please contact the office either by phone or email. We truly appreciate all our volunteers and donors, without you all we wouldn’t be the beautiful park you love and enjoy.

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