Love is in Bloom this April

By: twadmin | 26 Apr 2021
wedding ceremony at gazebo

April Begins Wedding Season

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a drastic change in almost all aspects of our daily lives. Some aspects are just plain inconvenient like wearing a mask, counting to 20 while washing your hands, having hand sanitizer every place you go. The more egregious aspects are the loss of income, careers, food and housing insecurities. I think the most heart-rending, aside from losing loved ones, is not being able to gather with the ones you love, not being able to hug, touch, talk face to face.

The absence of having our loved ones around to celebrate the milestones in life leave a hollowness where joy should be evident.

In many cases, as human nature is wont to do, couples in love will make adjustments to their long anticipated wedding day by marking their wedding day surrounded by the few most important people in their lives, with a promise of a larger celebration when everyone can be present without the fear of COVID-19 being the silent, unwanted guest.

Amy and Christopher chose to be joined in marriage on a beautiful Saturday in April, with bright yellow daffodils and the promise of new beginnings filling the air. The couple chose 10 or so of their closest loved ones as witnesses to the exchange of vows while former Mayor of Danbury, Mark Boughton officiated.

wedding ceremony at gazebo
gazebo wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony at gazebo
outdoor small wedding ceremony

Ceremony Now, Reception Later

Courtney and Colin were scheduled to have their wedding celebration with a two-day event at Tarrywile Mansion in October of this year. This sweet couple did not want to wait that long to become man and wife, so they decided to move up the wedding ceremony to this past Sunday, outside at the gazebo. They chose a beautiful, sunny, spring day, surrounded by the most important people in their lives to witness their exchange of vows.

There will still be a large celebration in October, minus all the stress that a wedding ceremony can bring. After all the hardest and most important part is already over. The rest is just icing on the cake.

Congratulations to our two newlywed couples! May you always find joy in your marriage and may your love for each other grow exponentially  with each passing year. Thank you for choosing us at Tarrywile Park & Mansion to play a small part in your beautiful day.