Visiting the Mansion

Please call the office to check on the Mansion schedule before coming over to take a self-guided tour, as scheduled Mansion events may be happening.

For a Mansion tour concerning rentals, please call the Park Office at (203)744-3130 to arrange for an appointment, or email us at

Virtual Tour of Mansion & Grounds

Self–Guided Tour of Tarrywile Mansion

Welcome to the historic Tarrywile Mansion. Take a step back in time as you tour this lovely house, with its hip-on-gable roof with multiple dormers, large tapering chimney stacks, semi-circular veranda with Doric columns and porte-cochere. Completed in 1897, the 23-room Tarrywile Mansion is a fine example of Victorian-era American home architecture and was accepted and entered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

Dr. William C. Wile, Danbury’s first medical examiner and a principal benefactor of Danbury Hospital built the Mansion. In 1910, Dr. Wile sold the Mansion to Charles Darling Parks. Mr. Parks was President of the American Hatters and Furriers Company Inc., the nation’s leading supplier of furs and hatting, and one of Danbury’s great entrepreneurial successes.

In 1985, the City of Danbury purchased 535 acres of land from the Parks Family, which included Tarrywile Mansion. Today, Tarrywile Mansion is Danbury’s finest community center and can be rented for public or private events. This self-guided tour will provide you with the history of the Mansion’s rooms.


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