Tarrywile Needs YOU!

Tarrywile needs your help. Join us as we raise funds to take care of this beautiful park we all love and enjoy.

Let's Get It Done


The Tarrywile Park Authority welcomes volunteer projects that would help to better the park environment.

Self-initiated individual or small group projects are vital to Tarrywile Park. These may include:

  • • Eagle Scout Projects
  • • Girl Scout Gold Award Projects
  • • School group projects
  • • Family projects
  • • Community Service projects

The park asks that anyone interested in participating in a project call the Park Office at (203) 744-3130 to discuss arrangements. Volunteers are welcome to propose their own project ideas or to assist with park projects that are already under way.

Tarrywile Park wouldn’t be the beautiful oasis it is today without our many volunteers. We deeply appreciate all they do to help our small staff keep up with the demands of managing 722 acres of park with 17 buildings and 21 miles of hiking trails.

Friends of Tarrywile

The Friends of Tarrywile Park work with the Tarrywile Park Authority to promote community use and awareness of the Park. They conduct activities to solicit gifts of materials, equipment, exhibits, funds, endowments and bequests for the Park.

United Way Day of Caring

We have corporate volunteers who help us with large and small projects during the United Way Day of Caring. Theirs team from Belimo and Praxair have been responsible for dredging the ponds in the children’s garden. The crew from PepsiCo were responsible for creating a system of steps up to our overlook area for brides to navigate for their wedding day photos, as well as for painting the greenhouse.

Boy Scout Projects

The Boy Scouts have given us plenty of service time throughout the years. They are responsible for most of our picnic tables, which you will find scattered around the park, as well as shoring up the campsites. There have been many Eagle Scout projects including bridges for our trail system, and a bird box sanctuary.

Girl Scout Projects

The Girl Scouts have given us many educational tools. As a Gold Star project, 5 interactive signs were created for children to learn about wildlife as they walk around the pond as well as signage at the Silo that explains some of the park’s history as a dairy farm.

Danbury’s Youth Volunteer Corps

The Youth Volunteer Corp did work in the wetlands area to clear the path to the learning station and install the fencing.