Red Barn Area Rental

In response to the growing interest in renting the Red Barn and adjacent lawn area for events, the following rental information, rules and regulations have been put in place. There are a few guidelines that are specifically for Cross Country races, 5K’s, fundraising walks and the like. The rest apply to the both the aforementioned events as well as all other types of celebrations.


Red Barn Area Use

In regards to Cross Country races, 5k’s, fundraising walks and the like: at no time can the mansion driveway, the upper parking lot, the area around the Mansion, the Apple Orchard or the front lawn be used. This area is strictly off limits.

When considering your event times please bear in mind that on weekends, event participants should be off premises by 11:00 am with event staff wrapping up by 12 noon. This allows us to maximize the rental of the Mansion areas for the afternoon. Weekday cross-country races are held between 3 pm – 6 pm. If you anticipate different times, please contact the office to discuss.

All Red Barn Area Events

The information listed below refers to all events being held in the Red Barn area including the events listed above.  Please call the Park office at 203-744-3130 to learn more about Red Barn Area rentals and fees.

Required For Rental:  Caterer’s current Food Service License or Hold Harmless Agreement if bringing your own food.   Host Liquor Liability Insurance if serving alcohol.  Insurance can be purchased through the online resource:

Included in Rental:   Access to the downstairs bathrooms: men and women’s complete with toilet paper, hand napkins, soap, garbage cans. Also included in the rental is the lawn area directly behind the Red Barn.

Not Included in Rental:  Tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, glassware, tent.



  • The use of charcoal grills is prohibited, gas only grilling is allowed. We do not have the facilities for dumping hot charcoal.
  • This area has limited electrical plugs. Please plan accordingly if you will be having items that need to be plugged in.
  • If your event anticipates using tents, they must be pre-approved with the Tarrywile Office.
    • Any event using a tent over 100 sq. ft. must contact the City of Danbury Building Department to determine if they need to pull a tent permit. The Building Departments number is 203-797-4580.
    • Large tents that do require permits must be installed on Thursday so that the City can inspect them. Likewise, they must be installed during our normal Park staff hours of Monday through Thursday 8:30 – 4:00 pm.
    • Pop up tents that are 10×10 and smaller, that will be installed the day of the event and taken down the same day do not need prior approval.
  • Events anticipating rental deliveries such as tables, chairs, etc., must bear in mind we have a very limited space to store those items overnight. If you are anticipating putting these rentals under a tent overnight, please note we have no security to guarantee the condition of these items
  • The bathrooms must be picked up, garbage emptied and left in broom swept condition.

For more information on Red Barn area rentals please call the Park office at 203-744-3130.