Parks Pond

Parks pond offers a place for quiet reflection with benches and picnic tables scattered around for those who just want to enjoy nature. It is home to multiple species of fish as well as snapping turtles and the occasional swan or blue heron. Fishing is allowed during fishing season with a fishing permit.

Hiking Trails

Each hiking trail is color coded and blazed throughout the Park. The White Trail starts up by the greenhouse or can be accessed in the Parks Pond area. The trail takes you around the pond and is perfect for a short hike with few hills. It is not meant for strollers since it mainly consists of dirt paths with roots and rocks to step over. The Blue Trail comes off of the White Trail and leads you further into the Park for hikers that are a little more advanced. You can go for a longer and more challenging hike by following the Blue Trail to the end where it comes out by Parks Pond and the hay fields or you can catch the Green trail for a shorter and less challenging hike. The Yellow Trail is an offshoot of the Blue Trail and is for the experienced hiker. It takes you up a steep incline to Mootry Point then down and around Tarrywile Lake to come out by the Pond and hay fields. The Orange trail is located on the other side of the main Park area and is often used by the neighboring horse farm. In years past it was used as a ski slope which gives you and indication of the type of hike you will find there.