Red Barn Area

The Red Barn area is often used for picnics, yoga in the Park and many school and non-profit 5k’s. The Red Barn Environmental Center can be rented out for educational classes or children’s parties. It is also the gateway into the trail systems, the hay fields and Parks Pond.

The Silo and Milking Parlor contain equipment for kids and adults to train on as well as an area where birdwatchers can sit and enjoy the wildlife coming and going in the hay fields.

the red barn with the hayfields in the background

Red Barn History

The Red Barn area of the park was formerly a fully operating dairy farm established by C.D. Parks. The dairy farm which was separated from the estate grounds by a steep cliff and a wooded area, included a farm house, milk house, garage, fertilizer barn, and a milking parlor with a silo. Two large barns that once enhanced the farm complex have been lost: one burned in the mid 1960’s and the other was taken down in 1985 because of it’s deteriorated condition.

At it’s peak, circa 1929, the farm was the largest, most productive farm in Danbury. C.D. Parks built the farmhouse in close proximity to the dairy farm to provide housing to the Portuguese men he employed to run and work on the farm as well as his industrial businesses


Working Dairy Farm

The farm was not only a working dairy farm, they also grew vegetables, corn, hay, raspberries, apples, pears,and they raised chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, cows, a bull, a donkey, a burro, and three teams of farm horses. They also had horses and a pony for riding, which in 1929, died by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The location of the dairy farm exists in stark contrast to the rest of the park because of its openness and rolling terrain. Its open pasture/meadow/crop fields, located about a gently sloping topography create wonderfully scenic views, especially when viewed from the picnic area by the Red Barn.

The Red Barn has been renovated for use as an environmental education center. Restroom facilities were installed in the barn allowing for greater use of this building by organizations as well as for park sponsored events.