Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden located on Southern Boulevard just down the hill from the Mansion. The Children’s garden, formerly a Japanese style garden, consists of a doll house for play, gold fish ponds, a butterfly maze, a troll house and a picnic area. It’s a lovely place to spend a leisurely afternoon with your kids.

japanese style pagodas along winding path

Japanese Styled Gardens

Originally inspired by a visit to Hawaii by Dr. Wile, these landscaped gardens were an attractive novelty for the city and it’s residents. The local Newspapers published two articles describing the building process and another describing the large reception upon it’s completion. You can read the articles by following the link above.

A Japanese Garden; source unknown, September 14, 1903.

Garden Party at Tarrywile; The (Danbury) News, July 23, 1904

Children's Playhouse

Children’s Play House