Guided Hikes

Hikes are scheduled by our volunteer Hiking Leaders at their discretion. Please see our Events page for a full listing of upcoming hikes.

Join Park volunteers as they lead participants on hikes lasting any where from one to three hours, on the trails at Tarrywile. The information below pertains to all hikes.

  • The hikes are free and will only be canceled in the event of heavy rain or snow.
  • Hike participants are encouraged to wear rugged, sturdy shoes, bring water, bug spray & a snack if desired.
  • All hikes start in the Lower Mansion Parking lot, where participants can also park, unless otherwise specified on the site.


Tick Advisory

After all hikes, remember to do a tick check when you get home!!! Visitors to Tarrywile Park should be aware of the presence of deer ticks, which can transmit a bacterial infection called Lyme Disease. Not all tick bites cause illness, nor is everyone equally susceptible. Unlike the dog tick, or the wood tick, the deer tick is minute. The deer tick is most active in the spring and fall and present throughout the summer. It lives in grassy, bushy, and wooded areas. Therefore, take precautions on your walk. Wear light-colored clothing for easier tick spotting. Wear closed shoes, pants tucked into socks, and long sleeved shirts tucked into pants.

Ticks may not attach themselves for several hours. Remove an attached tick at once and apply antiseptic. Symptoms may include: a ring-shaped rash that may appear within 4 to 20 days, flu-like symptoms, and arthritis-like feeling throughout the body. Neurological symptoms such as Bell's Palsy can develop over time. If you suspect Lyme Disease, contact your doctor immediately. Early treatment with antibiotics is essential!


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