Local Links

  • Danbury Community Network - Provides information and links to Danbury area businesses.
  • City of Danbury - Provides residents information on the services of Danbury City Hall.
  • Ives Trail - Official site of the Ives Trail Greenway
  • Land Trust of Danbury - Non-profit organization founded to protest open space in Danbury.  Also lead education programs, such as bird, wildflower and nature walks.
  • Ridgefield Open Space Association (ROSA) - Association dedicated to the preservation and protection of open space in Ridgefield and the region.
  • Appalachian Mountain Club (Fairfield County Club) -  Offering local hikes, day trips and events with guest speakers.
  • Lake Candlewood Power Squadron - The local chapter of the United States Power Squadron, the club offers classes in safe boating practices.
  • Danbury Fish & Game Club - Offering both adult and youth fish and game activities.
  • Western Connecticut Orienteering Club - The local chapter of the U.S. Orienteering Federation.  Find out more about local Orienteering Courses, meets and events.
  • - Our organization recently launched a Forestry career and education guidebook. Our Forestry guide features career and employment information, internship listings, scholarships, instructor information and a degree search tool. In addition, we have published career guides in other Public Service career areas such as EMT/Paramedic, Homeland Security, Emergency Management and Criminal Justice.
  • Accurate and actionable information for the Forestry fields can be difficult to find. We noticed a gap in the information provided by other sites and we set our to build uniquely focused Forestry guide taylored to those exploring Forestry careers. All guides from out organization are no-cost and can be accessed by anyone. You can find our Forestry guide here: -                                                                                                                   




Regional, State & National Links

  • BIOBLITZ 2001 at Tarrywile Park - Find out more about this exciting event in which 2,519 species of plants & animals.
  • - Find local family events, kids' classes, party resources, summer camps, schools & more in Fairfield County CT
  • Connecticut Forest & Parks Association - Conservation organization protecting Connecticut's natural environment, forest, and parks.
  • Connecticut Recreation & Parks Association - Organization dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of all recreation and parks services within Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection - Department is dedicated to conserving, protecting and improving the natural resources and environment of the state.  Also check out the DEP store for a great selection of nature and wildlife books.
  • American Hiking Society - National organization dedicated to serving hikers and protecting hiking trails. Site offers numerous resources including fact sheets, how-to guides and hiking information.
  • American Letterboxing - Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art and puzzle solving.  Check out this site for more information and local letterboxes.
  • U.S. Orienteerng Federation - Orienteering is the sport of navigation with map and compass.Learn more about the sport and upcoming meets.
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  • Linkedin - Check out our page on Linkedin, a business-oriented social networking site.

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