Conservatory Ceremony, Wedding

Marylou & Kevin

bride sees herself in the mirror in her wedding gown

Looking at her reflection in one of the full length mirrors in our brides room, Marylou takes a moment in her “bride getting ready” routine to appreciate all the planning and stress it took to come to that exact moment. Our bride’s room is the perfect place to celebrate the culmination of a dream that has been in the works for months, sometimes years.

Brides Room

Marylou’s original thought was to have her ceremony down by the Red Barn with the fall vista in the background, unfortunately with the drought which delayed the autumn change and the looming chance of rain Marylou’s plans had to change. This was a major disappointment so as Marylou was decorating the conservatory and debating her ceremony site; sweeping veranda or elegant conservatory, she looked up and realized just how beautiful the conservatory really was, and the decision was made. From the photographs of their wedding photographer Zack Wussow of Zack Wussow Media, Marylou made the right decision

couple kissing after ceremony with wedding party clapping
Under the Grape Arbor

The wedding day was overcast with a chance of rain and a little on the cool side. The bride and groom along with the wedding party decided to brave the chilly temperature for some spectacular outdoor photographs. This shot under the grape arbor is a classic which you will see repeated through out most of my couple’s wedding stories. The leaves are just turning a golden yellow while the grapes burst forth with deep purple hue.

The bride and groom chose to have their first dance in our grand foyer with the wedding party and guests gathered around. I would have loved to have heard what was said to make everyone burst out laughing like they did. Whatever the cause, Marylou and Kevin are keeping up the mission of one of the original owners who loved hosting lively parties and urged his guests to “tarry-a-while”

couple dancing in foyer with guests watching

Vendors Marylou and Kevin chose for their October 2016 wedding day were; Tony Gallucci of Gallucci’s Catering (one of our preferred caterers), Kirk Michaels with Sound Investment, Zack Wussow Media and A1 Rentals.