Our Grooms Room

There is no extra charge for access to the Groom’s room, it comes with the price of the rental as an added bonus to all that is Tarrywile Mansion weddings.

As you can see, our Groom’s Room is a popular place for the men in your wedding party to hang out, share memories, eat, drink and basically keep the groom calm to ensure he walks down that aisle. Decorated in a definitely more masculine style, our groom room boasts access to a lovey windowed porch as well as their own bathroom and stylish furniture. Since we have central air conditioning throughout the building there is no worries about too much sweating before the ceremony. This is also the room where father’s have a chance to impart that last word of wisdom, brothers show their love by being the rock to lean on and friends bring the laughter and shared memories of bachelorhood. On a rare occasion you may have a mom sighting or after ceremony photo’s.