Grape Arbor Ceremony, Wedding

Robert & Diane

I love how Diane and Robert, with the help of Marissa of Sassy Mouth Photography, exemplifies the image of “Romance at Tarrywile Mansion”. The simple lines of Diane’s wedding gown are beautifully enhanced by the delicate lace coral shawl she chose to casually drape over her shoulders. The colors she chose truly compliment the various greens prominent in their grape arbor ceremony.


Our brides room can be used as a place of quiet reflection before your vows are exchanged or a place where the important women in your live get together to dress, offer last minute words of encouragement or advice. It’s where heartfelt gifts are presented to your bridesmaids to show how much their being a part of your wedding day means to you. It is even equipped with enough mirrors, outlets, vanity space and stools to accommodate any size wedding party you wish to have. The private bathroom with the original old fashioned fixtures are a perfect way to avoid running into your groom right across the hall.

Our grape arbor made the perfect backdrop for Diane and Roberts exchange of vows. The light green color of early spring combined with the brides’ choice of coral as her main color create a setting taken directly out of a romance novel. The formula for success; take one gorgeous bride, one dashing husband, ad some warm sunshine, spring green, a romantic backdrop and heavy dose of love from family and friens and you have the recepie for a successful wedding day.

wedding ceremony under the grape arbor with guests seated looking on
couple coming down staircase to reception as man and wife

The sense of anticipation builds as the guests attention is turned to our elegant staircase and the D.J. announces for the first time Mr. & Mrs. ____, let’s everyone give them a hand. What better way to make your entrance into your new life as man and wife than basking in the out pouring of love as you slowly descend our beautifully crafted vintage stair case.

Diane and Robert chose our beautifully paneled dining room with it’s gilded ceiling, Victorian styled chandelier and built in China Cabinets as the location for their cake cutting ceremony. Many brides these days choose a cupcake tree or small cake topper with the cupcake tree as a replacement for the more formal wedding cake. Either way the outcome is always delicious. This wedding is an example of the Mansion’s flexibility when it applies to making your wedding uniquely yours.

groom kises bride with frosting lips while guests clap
Diane & Robert 2012 Wedding

I want to thank Marissa from Sassy Mouth Photography for giving us the rights to use her photo’s on our website and in our marketing campaign. I could not ask for anything better that truly represents what a romantic wedding held at Tarrywile Mansion would look like.