Conservatory: Ceremonies, Head Table, DJ Location

By: twadmin | 12 May 2017

The conservatory is one of four locations available for your wedding ceremony. Encased in windows, boasting of an unusual crank system that opens all the windows at once, equipped with it’s own thermostat to control the central air conditioning, our conservatory is the second most popular location for wedding ceremonies. The natural lighting during the day and the soft lighting coming from the chandelier at night, in addition to the soft toned Italian tiles and luxurious silk plants,  create a stunning atmosphere for the bride and groom to exchange vows.

Our beautiful conservatory is also the perfect spot for your head table or sweetheart table to showcase the the bride and groom and their attendants. You can add some color to the greenery that is already there to bring your style through out the space.

The conservatory has occasionally been used as the location for your DJ or up to 5 piece band, utilizing the formal drawing room as the dance floor.