Our Brides Room

By: twadmin | 12 May 2017

Our lovely Brides Room is a main draw for many of my brides, it is the space where the last moments of the single life are celebrated and new dreams of the future are about to unfold. This is the space where anticipation is high, joy abounds and pre wedding nerves are eased by the brides closest women.

The decor lends to a classic style with pale pink walls, white lace curtains, and period style furniture. A vanity runs the length of one wall and is  equipped with several electrical outlets at the ready to plug in hot rollers, curling irons, hair dryers and any other hair styling device you can think of. A row of four large mirrors, above which are soft lighting sconces are ready for the bride and her ladies to apply make up and check any last minute touch ups that may be needed. Each mirror as a matching stool to ensure every woman there can work in comfort. There is even a taller stool for when the hairdresser is called in to to hair and make up for either just the bride or the entire wedding party.

As you can see from the photo’s below, my brides enjoyed their time in our room specifically designed for their pre wedding needs. One option is to work with the caterer of your choice to have appetizers and cocktails brought up for a celebration before the celebration. Nicole’s circle of women used part of this time to lift her and Thor up in prayer before they make their sacred covenant before God.

Sarah’s Mom and Aunt took this time to look at old photo albums, reminiscing of days gone by when the bride was a little girl dreaming of her wedding day. Some of the most requested photo’s of the bride are checked off the list as the bridal shots are taken in classic poses on the chairs and couch looking out the window, in front of the mirrors getting dressed or putting on make up, photo’s of the dress on its hangar, bride surrounded by her bridesmaids, toasts made, friendships celebrated, mom and daughter moments, the opportunities are endless and all available to you when you rent the Mansion for your wedding and reception.