The Tarrywile Park Authority welcomes volunteer projects that would help to better the park environment. There are several scheduled group volunteer activities throughout the year, including the annual National Trails Day, held the first Saturday in June. During National Trails Days, volunteers helped to clean up trash in the park, blaze and clear new trails, maintain and remark old trails, and build bridges, among other activities. This event is a great way to get involved with the community, learn new skills, and meet people who share your interests in conserving the environment. Check out our “events” page for more information on National Trails Day.

The staff also welcomes self-initiated individual or small group projects. These may include:

  • Eagle Scout Projects
  • Girl Scout Gold Award Projects
  • School group projects
  • Family projects
  • Community Service projects

The park asks that anyone interested in participating in a project call the Park Office at (203) 744-3130 to discuss arrangements. Volunteers are welcome to propose their own project ideas or to assist with park projects that are already under way.

Friends of Tarrywile

The Friends of Tarrywile Park have recently reorganized and we’re welcoming new members. The Friends work with the Tarrywile Park Authority to promote community use and awareness of the Park. We conduct activities to solicit gifts of materials, equipment, exhibits, funds, endowments and bequests for the Park. As a tax-free, fundraising organization of volunteers, we take an active role in the historic preservation, restoration and enhancement of the Parks’ buildings and grounds.