From the Executive Director: Leash Your Dogs

By: twadmin | 13 Mar 2018

A Word From the Executive Director

The ground might be covered with snow right now, but before you know it spring will have arrived and Park activity will have increased. Tarrywile will soon be alive with the sounds of birds that are migrating back from their southern winter habitats. White tailed deer and their fawns will be seen in the meadows. Salamanders, turtles and frogs will once again make an appearance.
white tail deer and fawn
bobolink on fence

Local Wildlife

Among those creatures that call Tarrywile home include several species listed on the CT DEEP “Endangered, Threatened & Special Concern” list; the Eastern Box Turtle, the Bobolink, Savannah Sparrow and the Eastern Meadowlark, just to name a few.

Leash Your Dog

So what does that have to do with leashing dogs you may ask. The species I have named along with other wildlife such as turkeys and pheasants are ground nesting which means loose dogs can disrupt those nests or the areas where they have laid their eggs. In addition White Tailed Deer will give birth in the meadows and often leave their fawns for periods of time while they graze, unleashed dogs can disturb or scare off the Momma deer resulting in the fawn being abandoned and left to die.
sign warning of bird nesting area keep out of hayfield
sign of scotty dog with leash message
Other great reasons to leash your dog include but are not limited to;
  • It’s easier to pick up after them
  • They are less likely to chase after something
  • They can’t get lost
  • Lessens the possibility of a fight
  • Less of a chance they will eat something poisonous or get into garbage
  • They won’t be a pest to other people
  • Lessens the chance of someone getting bit
  • Prevents wildlife attacks
  • Reduces the possibility of property damage

It also means that they are less likely to get into danger. We do have larger wildlife such as bear and coyote at the Park and dogs are more likely to avoid conflicts if leashed, more importantly it is the LAW that all dogs must be leashed when on Tarrywile Park property.

Until next time, remember; leave no trace, respect wildlife, leash your dog, leave what you find, respect fellow park users and lastly, always be prepared, and most especially enjoy all that nature has to offer.