Roaring 20’s Birthday Surprise

By: twadmin | 29 Nov 2017
graphic with happy 50th birthday christine

Roaring 20’s Birthday Surprise

Joe came into the office looking for a unique location to host his wife’s surprise 50th birthday celebration and Tarrywile Mansion was just what he was looking for. He scheduled it for the Saturday after Thanksgiving when the family would all be together and out of town guests would be in attendance.

Christine loves the Roaring 20’s era especially the style clothing the “flappers” were famous for. He hired a couple he knew who taught ballroom dancing to come and give an exhibition for the guests and to get everyone into the “flapper” frame of mind.

Surprise Successful

It was a challenge for Joe to keep everything under wraps, especially to keep it a surprise until she walked in the door. Joe’s plan was that he would pretend they were going to a fundraiser at Tarrywile Mansion, which is not uncommon. Their close friends would make sure they had both of their costumes ready to change into upon arrival. One of the caterer’s staff was tasked with pretending there was valet parking to assist Christine and Joe to the door so she would not see any familiary cars by parking in the parking lot.

I found out through a reliable source (my event staff) that the birthday girl was indeed surprised. Thank you to Joe, the husband of the birthday girl, for choosing Tarrywile Mansion as the location for her birthday celebration. The planning process began in secret a couple of months ago and was organized and executed by Joe and his band of merry birthday “elves”.

The only evidence of the roaring 20’s celebration was a stray white feather boa found on one of our window sills, a testimony to the fun that was had by all.

The event was catered by one of our approved vendors: Gallucci’s Catering