Bird-Watching at Tarrywile

By: twadmin | 20 Feb 2018
barn owl perched in tree
Barn Owl in Tarrywile Park, photo taken by Katy Chung

“Bird-watching at Tarrywile” by Judith Toce

-originally published in the Fall/Winter 1996 – 1997 Tarrywile Park & Mansion newsletter

Just as Tarrywile Park is considered to be the “jewel” of the Danbury Park system, birds can be considered the “jewels” of Tarrywile Park. Whether it be a Peregrine Falcon looking for a night roosting spot, or a Mockingbird singing his heart from atop a bush in the meadow, or a Bluebird swooping off a nesting box for a quick brunch (yes, I mean brunch not bunch) of insects, there is indeed no shortage of feathered friends at Tarrywile.

red tail hawk in trees
Red Tail Hawk

Diversity in Wildlife

This is due partly to the diversity of habitats which provide a wide variety of food, shelter, and nesting materials, as well as an abundance of water.

In spring the park comes alive with the appearance and sound of migrating Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks, Mute Swans, various species of hawks and a plethora of song birds. Some birds, such as the Bobolink, are only passing through. Others, such as the Red-winged Blackbird, Orioles, Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Swans, Robins and Warblers are making the park their home – at least until Fall. Springtime is probably the best time for bird watching at Tarrywile and bird walks are a delight at this time of year.

photo of the bird Ovenbird
Birds, birds, everywhere...the Ovenbird

Bird Walks

Bird walks, however, are not the only way one can enjoy the flurry of spring feathers. Another approach is the “bird sit”.  A person sits in one location for an extended period of time and waits for the birds to fly to him or her! Patience and an ability to sit quietly are basic requirements, as well as an enthusiasm for birds.  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned bird watcher you can find useful tips on the Audubon website. Enjoy!

We’d love to see and share your photo’s of the birds you’ve spotted at Tarrywile, you can email them to or post them to our Facebook page; Tarrywile Park.

photo of the bird, american redstart
photo of the veery bird
mother and baby ducks on pond
bobolink on fence