Newlywed Quick 10: Shaina & Zach

By: twadmin | 26 Apr 2018

Spouses: Shaina & Zach

Wedding: October 7, 2017

1. Day of the week you were married: Saturday October 7th
2. Time you woke up: 6 0r 7 am for the groom and 9 am for the bride who stayed up doing wedding flowers
3. Wouldn’t have made it to the wedding day without: A lot of help from friends and family
4. Ceremony location: The Tarrywile Grape Arbor

shaina and zach at head table with conservatory in the background
5. Professional music: DJ Richard Phillips at the reception and Patrick MaGuire as the ceremony bagpiper
6. Most surprising thing: How remarkably quick the day flew by and how little we got to sit down…
7. Standout memory: Having a professional bagpiper at the ceremony and having him give the groom kilt advice
8. Would you change anything? A microphone for the officiant would have been nice
9. Wedding favors: Glass “faery” drops and we had bookplates for people to claim the novel centerpieces
10. Adjectives to describe the nights end: Exhausted, happy, and danced out.

Men in Kilts

You can read more about Zach & Shainas Scottish wedding day and their men in kilts on our blog: A Triple Header Weekend.

Their experience with planning and hosting their wedding day at Tarrywile can be found on our Testimonials page. They are such a sweet couple and it was a pleasure working with them both.

The vendors chosen by Shaina and Zach were; caterer for the food – Red Pepper Diner, entertainment – DJ Richard Phillips, photography – Thomas Javery, Friends & Family – set up/break down and clean up (awesome job!).