From the Executive Director: the Challenges We Face

By: twadmin | 24 Apr 2018
Grape Arbor Destruction

From the Executive Director

“Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life.” – Joni Eareckson Tada

Challenges are a constant thing here at Tarrywile. The challenge of how to fund the Park, the challenge of day to day maintenance with the smallest staff ever, the challenge of people who don’t have the same love and respect for this beautiful property that many of you do.

The last six weeks have brought many challenges at Tarrywile. The Grape Arbor collapsed under heavy snow in March, then someone felt they could desecrate the Sandy Moy Memorial Labyrinth.

Funding Appeal

Our annual funding appeal is under way and we still have $8,000 to fundraise.  Added onto all that is the news that we will be cut another $10,908 by the City of Danbury, for total cuts over the last 10 years of $107,755, which is a little over 1/3 of our budget.

The Challenges we Face

So how do we face these challenges; by asking for help. As I type this, long time Tarrywile supporter Jim’s Welding is making repairs on the grape arbor and is expected to complete the repairs by the end of the week. On Friday during the WCSU Day of Service, we had several students work on the Labyrinth and spent quite a bit of time searching the surrounding woods for bricks. Some were found on Friday and over the weekend an anonymous volunteer found another 10 or so bricks. Now, instead of having to buy 40, we are now looking at purchasing about 10. The funding appeal is going well, but we are still looking to raise another $8,000.

Grape Arbor Structural Damage

If you would like to support us please feel free to click on the “Donate” button on bottom of this post.

Sandy Moy Memorial Labyrinth missing a few bricks

In reference to the challenge of funding the Tarrywile budget – this is where we need YOUR HELP. The budget will be submitted to the City Council for final approval at the May 1st City Council Meeting. Please take a moment to contact your local City councilman or councilwoman in the next few days to show your support of Tarrywile Park and ask them to reconsider the latest cut to our beloved Park, the “Jewel of Danbury”. You can visit the City Council webpage at;  I truly believe that your voice, our voices raised as one, combined with our love and appreciation of Tarrywile can make a difference.

When faced with all these challenges, it would be very easy to just say “oh well”, but perspective is everything. Our staff of 2 full time, 2 part time, and three per Diem event staff have a combined total of over 47 dedicated years to Tarrywile. We believe strongly in this Park and everything it has to offer. When I see parking lots full to overflowing any weekday afternoon or on the weekends, I know how much this treasure is utilized and I for one am willing to fight for it, but we cannot do it alone. The question becomes; how much are you willing to fight for this city treasure or will we just become another statistic of budget cuts and overdevelopment?

Until next time remember; leave no trace, respect wildlife, leash your dog, leave what you find, respect fellow park users, always be prepared but most importantly, enjoy all that Tarrywile has to offer.