April Wedding Reception

By: twadmin | 24 Apr 2018
indian-groom-kneeling-before-indian-bride kissing-her-hand

April Wedding Reception

Congratulations to Shruti & Aniket as they celebrated their Thursday wedding ceremony with a reception at Tarrywile Mansion surrounded by their extended family and friends. The entire family are long time park users who love to walk and hike in Tarrywile Park so what better place to celebrate a wedding than Tarrywile Mansion! It was a pleasure working with this lovely family, the joy and excitement they all had during the planning process was infectious. The weather decided to cooperate this past Saturday as the celebration started in the morning and lasted to early evening.

Traditional Indian Reception

I had the opportunity to see all of the photos taken Park Street Weddings of their Traditional Indian Reception. The wedding couple were dressed resplendently in their traditional wedding garments. Their guests attended the celebration with such bright, beautiful traditional wedding clothing that set the tone for the joyous celebration to follow.

You can read about Shruti & Anikets wedding story in our Photos & Story section: Shruti & Aniket, an Indian Wedding Reception.

Thank you for choosing Tarrywile Mansion to share in your wedding celebration. I wish you both many blessings in your marriage and an everlasting joy in each other.

~The Staff of Tarrywile Park & Mansion