Newlywed Quick 10: Sarah & Casey

By: twadmin | 11 Jul 2019

Newlyweds: Sarah & Casey

Wedding Date: June 22, 2019

1. Wedding colors: Navy, Blush, Grey and metallic (gold and rose gold).
2. Everything was planned by: ME! The bride.
3. Favorite Detail: Seeing Casey at the end of the grape arbor. This location was a central piece of our wedding. It mixed also my Lebanese heritage in with the wedding too! We were married by one of my best friends and pronounced husband and wife officially by my mom who’s a justice of the piece.
4. Ceremony location: Under the grape arbor

Newlywed Quick 10 cont.

5. Most surprising thing: How fast the day went by! Everyone always says it and it’s so TRUE!
6. Standout memory: We wrote our own message of love to one another after our vows, so these statements were original, heartfelt and so meaningful. Also, our officiant and my gay best friend sang a song he wrote to us to the tune of Backstreet Boys “The Call” because I’m such a boy band fan girl and it was about borrowing me to go to PTown. We got it on video, it’s epic.
7. Would you change anything: SLOW TIME!
8. 1st dance song: Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton


9. 3 Adjectives to describe your shoes: Glam, Sparkling, High! 9.1 How long did they last? A record few hours until I changed into my white Sperry sneakers so I could dance all night!
10. The best thing you ate: Luckily we had a tasting before the wedding because we barely got to eat! We did snag some lobster grilled cheese, coconut shrimp and brie wrapped in phyllo with raspberry! I heard the lobster mac n cheese, salmon, and filet Mignon was awesome though — we got some left overs in the fridge the next day.

The vendors hired for their wedding day were:

Caterer: Ciao’ Two Steps || Photography: Gustavo Tessaro Photography || Entertainment: Spin Doctor Entertainment || Cake: Kelly’s Sweet Rewards || Rentals: Abbey Party & Tent Rentals

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