Enjoying Tarrywile Safely this Spring

By: twadmin | 14 May 2020

Tarrywile Park COVID-19 Update

May 15, 2020

Danbury Police: 203-797-4611 ext 1 to report any large gatherings, dogs off leash or infractions against Park rules and COVID-19 regulations.

Large Gatherings Prohibited

No organized gatherings are allowed at anytime in the Park without prior approval.  Last week a party of at least 75 people came to Tarrywile Park.  Under current State of Connecticut guidelines this is not allowed.  In addition, Tarrywile does not allow events of this size to occur due to limited parking.  In the future, the Police will be notified of the violation and asked to end the event.

Respect Wildlife

Tarrywile is home to several ground nesting birds including the endangered Bobolink.

  • Park users please abide by all posted signs and stay on all mowed and marked paths.
  • By walking into the fields or allowing your dog off leash, you are endangering the next generation of wildlife.

If you see anyone not following the Park rules or COVID-19 guidelines please contact the police before calling the office. You are not required to give your name when making a complaint so that should not hinder you reporting any infractions you see.  This also applies to any dogs off-leash.Thank you for your cooperation.

Tarrywile Park COVID-19 Update: April 2, 2020

While Tarrywile Park and the trail system is still open we ask for your cooperation on a few items.

1) When at the Park, please make sure to abide by the 6 foot rule.
2) We advise you NOT to use any picnic tables or benches.   Staff has no way to disinfect these items between every use.  For your safety please avoid these items.

sign that states leave no trace

3)  When leaving the Park, if you used plastic gloves and a mask while here please DO NOT throw them on the ground outside your vehicle.  Utilize the garbage cans around the park and parking lots for these items.

Don’t be “that person”, who has no consideration for the park and fellow park users. Don’t be “that person” who forces the City of Danbury to shut down the park because of your disregard for authority.

Thank you for your cooperation and help.  Take a moment to read this great handout from the American Hiking Society on hiking responsible during this time. Please share this post so it reaches as many park users as possible.

Hiking Responsibly: FAQ for Covid-19

Old Water Cistern

Enjoying Tarrywile Safely this Spring

Update 3/30/20

Please enjoy nature safely this spring with the following guidelines from Connecticut Forest & Parks Association. Doing these “Five Right Things” will help protect you and others from getting sick and will prevent out local recreation areas from being closed due to overcrowding.

Five Right Things to Do to Keep Safe Outdoors

  1. Use appropriate social distancing. Stay at least 6 feet from others. When passing someone on a trail, make sure to yield and allow for plenty of space.
  2. Go outdoors as a solitary activity, or in a small family group. If you arrive at a place that is already crowded, find another place to go. If you go out alone, make sure to tell someone where you are going.
  3. Keep your germs to yourself. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve. If you’re not feeling well, stay home.
  4. Be careful about what you touch. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  5. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after you go outdoors, and as often as possible.

Our thanks to Connecticut Forest and Parks Association for these guidelines.

tarrywile park and mansion sign at front entrance

COVID-19 Update

Dated: 3/23/2020, Monday at 12:15 p.m.

By guidance and direction from the City of Danbury, Tarrywile Park has closed all indoor office facilities and campgrounds, but trails and outdoor spaces are still open. Please be sure to maintain a safe social distance of six feet from people. Even though these areas are currently open this may change as the COVID-19 virus progresses. tarrywile.events@snet.net

For your safety as well as for those around you please consider the directives under the State of Connecticut’s web page; “Stay Safe, Stay Home” . We will update the social media pages and website as developments arise that may lead to the closing of the Park.

Our Park Grounds staff will be in to do maintenance items as needed. However we need your help, we will be short handed as a grounds staff member self quarantines at home! Please help us in reducing their workload, if you end up with garbage while here, please leave with it.

Our office staff is accessing emails from home, so if you have a general question feel free to reach out to Becky at tarrywile.mansion@snet.net. If your email is in regards to Mansion events, please email Anne-Marie at tarrywile.events@snet.net.