Newsletter: June 2020

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Tarrywile Park & Mansion

Newsletter vol. 27

Tarrywile Mansion in the Springtime
The City of Danbury's "Hidden Jewel" - a treasured resource available to all Danbury residents and surround towns

A Thought Starter for this Month:

Adversity – it can bring out the best and the worst in humanity, in the end it comes down to personal choice. During this Pandemic I have witnessed average, everyday people turn into superheroes; the healthcare providers, fighting a war they never signed up for, the grocery clerks showing up every day no matter the personal risk, the bus drivers keeping us moving even when we are sick, and countless more nameless people who step up instead of step back. I am no superhero, but I contribute by “staying home, staying safe” and wearing a mask when I go out in public so the real superheroes may someday soon find rest, and a little bit of normal again.

Memorial Day Tribute

May your Memorial Day, and every day, be reflective of those who made it possible…

purple iris with cemetary and flags in background

A Few Reminders When Enjoying Tarrywile Park:

Large gatherings are prohibited. No organized gatherings are allowed anytime in the Park without prior approval. Under current State of Connecticut guidelines, this is not allowed.

In addition, Tarrywile does not allow large unscheduled events to occur due to the limited parking. In the future, the Police will be notified of the violation and asked to end the event.

Respect wildlife. Tarrywile is home to several ground nesting birds including the endangered Bobolink.

  • Park users please abide by all posted signs and stay on all mowed and marked paths.
  • By walking into the fields or allowing your dog off leash, you are endangering the next generation of wildlife.

If you see anyone not following the Park rues or COVID-19 guidelines please contact the police before calling the office. You are not required to give your name when making a complaint so that should not hinder you in reporting any infractions you see. This also applies to any dogs off leash. Thank you for your cooperation. DPD 203-797-4611 #1.

Breathe Healthy, Be Healthy. Support Your Local Park!


The last three months have been challenging to say the least. As we move forward, the two words that come to mind are resilience and adapting. Resilience to face the difficulties put in front of us and adapting to get past those difficulties.

One of those difficulties for many people is the sense of isolation. One of the ways to avoid that is to get out of your house or apartment. Come for a hike or just come for some quiet moments to enjoy the Park. Maybe the Park has been too crowded for your liking, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out. Even if it is to get in your car and drive around some neighborhoods and enjoy other peoples gardens, take some time to take in the scenery.

Until Next Time Remember;
sign that states leave no trace
sign of scotty dog with leash message

Leave what you find, respect fellow park users, always  be prepared, but most importantly enjoy all Tarrywile has to offer. РBecky Petro, Executive Director


The Mansion staff is taking this time during Quarantine to work on the yearly “sprucing up” inside the Mansion as well as shoring up the website and social media pages. We are also in the process of creating our Tarrywile Park storefront page on the website. You’ll be able to purchase your favorite Branded Tarrywile Park apparel soon!

Mansion events are currently in a holding pattern, awaiting the Governors re-opening guidelines. Weddings and events scheduled for June, July and August have either been rescheduled or are about to be rescheduled to 2021. We are hoping to offer small outdoor ceremonies in the near future, we’re not sure what that will entail right now with the social distancing and safety guidelines yet to be established. We’ll keep you posted, as our plans progress, on our website and social media pages.

Happenings at the Park: Our Park Grounds staff will be in to do maintenance items as needed. Please, for the safety of our staff and park users, DO NOT throw your PPE gloves or masks on the ground for others to pick up, risking exposure to COVID-19. There are enough garbage cans scattered throughout the park for your convenience. Also, please help us in reducing their workload, if you end up with garbage while here, please leave with it.

Fast Facts: 60% of the land area in Connecticut is in farmland, open space and forest; an important natural resource base and enhancement to the environment.


If you belong to an organization which would like to contribute to the park by way of a community service project, a donated service or monetary donation, please contact the office by email. We deeply appreciate all our volunteers and donors, without you all we wouldn’t be the beautiful park you love and enjoy.

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