Choosing Safer Activities

By: twadmin | 29 Apr 2021

State Reopening Guidelines

It’s been a long, painful journey to get here, but we are finally beginning to see the light of day after over a year in the darkness of CVID-19. The event industry has taken a huge hit from the pandemic that can never be recouped. We have seen many of our couples that had weddings scheduled in 2020-2021 cancel their events entirely which has had a huge effect on our budget and the ability to keep Tarrywile Park with 722 acres, and 17 buildings, open and maintained in a way the people of Danbury have come to expect.

There have also been those loyal and steadfast couples that have rescheduled their much anticipated weddings, some of them multiple times. We give you our heartfelt gratitude for hanging in with us and never giving up hope, the hope that better days will come, the hope that the wedding they have been dreaming of will happen if they just hold on a little longer.



list of activities that are safe

Dream Wedding with Few Restrictions

Governor Lamont, pleased with the rise of vaccinations being administered and the decrease in COVID-19 cases, declared in his last press conference that as of May 19,2021, the restrictions on indoor and outdoor event occupancy will be lifted and venues, such as Tarrywile Mansion, can go back to holding indoor events at our maximum occupancy of 120 for sit down, 150 for cocktail style reception and 150 for a tented reception. The only caveat; masks must still be worn for all indoor large gatherings whether you are vaccinated or not. A small inconvenience to have the wedding of your dreams while ensuring the safety of you and your guests. The graphic on the right details the most recent guidelines for the vaccinated and unvaccinated. I will continue to update my current clients and any future clients as changes occur as the CDC releases them.