#GivingTuesday Tarrywile has Roots in Danbury History

By: twadmin | 6 Feb 2018

The History of Tarrywile

Dr. William C. Wile, founder of Tarrywile Mansion, has played an integral part in bringing new industries to the area through helping to establish and working on the Danbury Board of Trade. He was also instrumental in the early years of Danbury Hospital as president of the Danbury Medical society in 1890, appointed medical examiner to the town of Danbury in 1887 and elected consulting surgeon of the Danbury hospitals in 1902. A Danbury Evening Post article dated 1913 “Death of Dr. W. C. Wile” tells a bit about his love for Danbury.

Danbury Resident

“In his loyalty to Danbury and his devotion to it’s interests Dr. Wile was especially warm. He was one of the organizers of the erstwhile board of trade and as a member of that organization devoted a great deal of time and energy to efforts to bring new industries to this city.

In all these activities and in others so numerous that they do not come readily to the minds of even those who were closely associated with him during the time of his residence in Danbury he took prominent and usually a leading part.

“I love Danbury, I love her people. They have been good to Mrs. Wile and good to me beyond any power that I have to express it,” he said in a conversation weeks before his death. “I really believe,” he continued, “that it is the best place on the whole earth and that the best people on earth live here.””

Thank you Dr. William C. Wile for your dedication to Danbury and its citizens, may your legacy live on in the hearts and minds of its people. It is in part in his memory and honor that we continue the preservation and well being of Tarrywile Park and Mansion. You can read more about the Dr. Wile and the history of Tarrywile on our page: Dr. William C. Wile.

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