A Challenge to Park Users

By: twadmin | 16 Oct 2019

#Why Green Space Matters, Support Your Local Park!

I love it when our park users, photographers, and non-profit groups tag us on Facebook. It shows how much this park is loved by many Danbury residents, and non-residents as well. In the last 30 days, if Google can be believed, 36,634 users searched for us specifically, 607 visited our website, 786 asked for directions, the bulk of the users, most of whom are from 06810-06811 zip code. This data is gathered from users who have agreed to share their information, it is not a complete representation of the actual number of users who visit the park.

We are having our annual Harvest Dinner Fundraiser on November 1st, it is always a struggle to get people to attend, our goal each year is to sell 100 tickets, as of today 10/16 we have sold 21 tickets, that’s 79 tickets still outstanding until we reach out goal. I challenge you, every one of you who use and enjoy our park to show your support, put your money where your comments are and help us keep this green space free to everyone! Purchase a ticket to our Harvest Dinner, bring your spouse, family, and friends, let’s reach our goal of 100 tickets sold together!

Harvest Dinner Fundraiser details and ticket information.


#WhyGreenSpaceMatters, Support Your Local Park!

This week I had a visitor from South Carolina come explore the park and mansion while her husband was in a business meeting. After touring the Mansion she came back to express how much she loved the property and the historic mansion not only in words but in a $5 donation. The $5 donation might seem like a drop in the bucket to most people, what impressed me the most was the fact that this lovely woman, who would likely never visit us again, was inspired to play a small part in keeping your park open and free to everyone. If one park visitor from out of state could donate $5 to keep us open, why is it that most park users who live in the area and visit often cannot spare $1 donation for every time they come and enjoy the free resources provided by Tarrywile Park.

I challenge all who step foot on Tarrywile Park property: put aside $1 for every time you visit the park for whatever reason; exercise, walking your dog, peace and tranquility, photography, or as a location for your business. At the end of the month or year, however, you want to schedule it, donate that amount to the place that holds a special place in your hearts and lives. As the commercial says; it’s less than your daily cup of coffee at those expensive coffee shops. Donate now!