Recently Engaged? Here’s What You Do Next.

By: twadmin | 7 Feb 2020

Recently Engaged?

Here is my social media series based on Brides Magazines article: “18 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged”

You can have access to all their tips as well as some of my wedding planning observations all in one place. I hope you enjoyed the series, feel free to contact me for information on planning a wedding and reception at Tarrywile Park & Manison.

Anne-Marie Sholtes

Event Coordinator



#1 Call Your Parents

According to Brides Magazine there are 18 things you should do as soon as you get engaged. Some you may not agree with but take it in the spirit is given. I’m going to call this series the “18 Days of Engagement Season”.  At the top of the list is CALL YOUR PARENTS! You don’t want them to find out from social media! Join me tomorrow for #2 on the “must do” list.

Photography: Modern Fotographic by Dave Noonan Check out the real wedding of Jeff & Courtney if you’re interested in a Summer Tent Wedding.


#2 Get a Manicure

Brides Magazine’s #2 on the list of 18 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged is getting a manicure. Everyone will want to see the ring so you want your hands to look their best. Defining Studios Photography

If you’re planning a wedding with a guest list of 150 or less we’d love to discuss how Tarrywile Mansion would fit perfectly into your wedding plans 203-744-3130


#3 Take a Ring Selfie

Brides Magazine’s #3 on the list of 18 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged is to take a ring selfie, or my preference, a photo with your sweetie to “share the love.” They also suggest posting a video of the proposal, for me, I think some things should remain private.

Melissa and Chris made the great decision to have their engagement photos taken at the same location as their Wedding venue, Tarrywile Park & Mansion! These two are such sweethearts, I can’t wait to work with them to ensure their wedding day is all they imagined.

Photography: Anthony Tomassi Photography


#4 Go out and Celebrate

Brides Magazine’s #4 on the list of 18 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged is to go out and celebrate! Either a romantic evening just the two of you or gather your friends for a night of celebrating. ©PictureThisCT

This group of friends celebration is actually from a “Real Wedding” at Tarrywile Mansion. Read Geri & Parkers wedding story in “Immaculate H.S. Alumni Wed


#5 Get Your Ring Insured

Brides Magazine #5 on the list of 18 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged is getting your ring insured. It doesn’t matter how much your fiance’ spent on the ring, what matters is having the coverage in the event that something does happen to it. It won’t bring back the sentiment attached to the original, but you can make new memories when picking a replacement.

Plan on getting engaged or have a feeling he’s going to pop the question? Give us a call, we’d love to discuss how Tarrywile Mansion would be perfect for your wedding day.  p: 203.744.3130


#6 Take a Breather

Brides Magazine #6 on the list of 18 things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged is: Take a Breather. Take some time out just the two of you with no talk of wedding plans, family and friends, go back to a time when it was just the two of you and the relationship was still new.

Soon enough you will have people pulling you this way and that, telling you what you should do for your wedding, and what they did that worked for them. Take a moment or a weekend to just enjoy the stage in the relationship you are at without the distractions and advice, although most are well-intentioned, that comes with planning a wedding.

Paul and Jennifer had a relaxing time when they came to the park for their engagement photos, followed a year later by their wedding and reception at Tarrywile Mansion.

Photography: Jacqui May Photography


#7 Get Your Ring Sized

Brides Magazine #7 on the list of 18 things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged is: “get your ring sized.” If your sweetheart hasn’t recruited a family member to get your ring size then the odds are that it will be too big. Instead of taking the risk that it will fall off your finger, bring it to the jeweler and get it sized properly.

Photography: Michele Iljazi Photography


#8 Think About a Date

Recently Engaged? According to Brides Magazine, there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged. We are on #8; “Think About a Date”. Popular dates and venues get booked sometimes a year in advance, so start your planning early.

The prime wedding season for us at Tarrywile Mansion is from May 1 through October 31st. Off-Season wedding dates are often a good alternative if you are on a very tight budget. Fall, Winter, and early Spring weddings can have their own special qualities, it’s good to research all your options.

©DefiningStudios ©ParkStreetWedding ©PartyLandLLC


#9 #10 #11 Venues, Wedding Size, Budget

Brides Magazine #9, #10, #11 on the list of 18 things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged are: “Research Venues, Determine Your Wedding Size, and Discuss a Budget.” In my experience as an event coordinator, I would say your first order of business should be “Discuss a Budget”, this will help you with determining how many guests you can invite and which wedding venues can be eliminated due to minimum/maximum number of guests as well as price point per guest.

After you have established your budget, begin a preliminary guest list and fine-tune it as you begin researching wedding venues, caterers, etc. Many venues have a minimum so if you’re looking to host a small wedding of about 50 – 100 guests make sure you state that up front so you can concentration your efforts on only those that fit your preferences.

My advice, do your research, don’t be afraid to ask questions, make sure there are no hidden fees so you won’t be surprised a month before the wedding day.



#12 Build a Wedding Website

Recently Engaged? Brides Magazine says there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged, #12 is “Build a Wedding Website”. If you are detail-oriented your wedding website should reflect the theme of your wedding day. If you are technologically challenged or just don’t have the time or patience, keep it simple.

What you should include is time, location and dress code for each wedding event, travel information, hotel room block, shuttle information, local activities, your registry, and a password.

Don’t include any wedding events that are invite-only, don’t include online rsvp, use the traditional mail route.

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In my Newlywed Quick 10 survey one of my grooms offers some solid advice; Don’t sweat the small stuff. No one will care about or even remember the plates, glasses, or decorations – people are there for you, so make it your day and have a blast!


#13 Gather Inspiration

Recently Engaged? Brides Magazine says there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged, #13 is “Gather Inspiration”, as if we haven’t been planning this day since for years already, am I right ladies? Way back when cutting photos out of glossy bride magazines and pasting them into a binder organized by color, style, category.

Now all you have to do is go to Pinterest and with a click of the mouse create your own wedding idea board that you can access anywhere there is the internet.

A young lady of my acquaintance had everything planned out even before she met her now-husband and daddy to her baby boy. Take your time, do your research, change your mind, but don’t get bogged down with the minute details or you’ll find yourself frustrated and discouraged before you even start!

Our website is a great resource for gathering inspiration for your wedding day. Check out our wedding blog, tips from the pro’s, and read our couples stories on our Photos & Stories page.


Wedding Wire Review

Recently Engaged? In researching venues it’s always a good idea to read what other couples have to say about the venue and staff they chose for their wedding day. I truly value each and every couple that chooses us to share in their wedding day, so when they post a review to either WeddingWire or theKnot, or send a personal thank you, I know I have done what I set out to do: ensure that each couple, as well as their family and friends, had a positive and memorable experience, while renting Tarrywile Mansion for their wedding day.

Here is my latest feedback from a couple that were married here last September, to read more of our couples stories go to our website: Testimonials


#14 Choose Who Will Be in Your Bridal Party

Recently Engaged? Brides Magazine says there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged, #14 “Choose who will be in your bridal party.” Another source I dug up in my research for this topic is from the

1. Think twice before you ask .
2. Set honest expectations .
3. Include the brothers and sisters .
4. Consider the size of your wedding.
5. Remember there aren’t rules.
6. Choose responsible honor attendants.

7. Don’t ask someone because they asked you.
8. Research other roles.
9. Kids aren’t required.

I have to add in here my own consideration: you may not realize that asking someone to be in your wedding can be a financial burden if that friend or loved one is tight for money. In the excitement of planning your wedding party, you want the people you love the most to be involved, be sensitive to their financial status and tactfully let them know that its okay to say no, you won’t be offended and your relationship will not be affected. Maybe there is another way for that friend or loved on to be involved that doesn’t include a financial commitment.

For wedding inspiration check out our couples in Photo & Stories.

Photographer: Gustavo Tessaro Photography


# 15 Interview Planners and/or Vendors

Recently Engaged? Brides Magazine says there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged #15 “Interview Planners and/or Vendors”. In my experience, unless you have no time at all to dedicate to planning your wedding or have an overabundance of Pinterest DIY decorations your caterer along with the captain of their wait staff should be able to orchestrate your event without the added cost of an event planner.

All of our approved caterers here at Tarrywile Mansion, are experienced, and come with a proven track record of successfully orchestrating events from a simple party with 50 guests to a large wedding with over 200.

Do your homework though, interview each vendor to see if they are the right fit financially as well as personality and temperament. Ask for any hidden fees, last-minute charges and have them give you a list of exactly what you are paying for.

If you do your homework on the front end, you should be able to enjoy your day without micromanaging every detail on your wedding day.

Here is a list of our approved caterers, all professionals who have successfully orchestrated many of our weddings at Tarrywile Mansion. Take a look at some of the weddings our group has orchestrated in the past on our Photos and Stories page.


#16 Check Out Trunk Show Schedules

Recently Engaged? Brides Magazine says there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged #16 “Check Out Trunk Show Schedules”. The Knot has a great article explaining what a trunk show is, what to expect and why you should consider shopping for your wedding dress at them.

Many of our brides like to have photos of their wedding dress as part of their wedding photography package. I love seeing how the styles change year after year and how some styles are just timeless.

The “real wedding” of Gerry and Parker is a great example of photographing your wedding dress as part of your wedding day memories: Gerry & Parker;  Immaculate H.S. Alumni

wedding guests surrounding table on veranda

#17 Plan An Engagement Party

Recently Engaged? Brides Magazine says there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged #17 “Plan An Engagement Party”. There is no “wedding planning law” that says you have to have an engagement party. If it fits into your budget or someone whats to throw you a celebration, or not, now is a good time to start planning. The only advice Brides Magazine has is to “make sure it fits vibe of your relationship”.

An advantage to having your wedding at Tarrywile Mansion is you can have everything in the same location to cut down on shopping around, getting prices and finding the right space. You can have your engagement party, bridal shower/Jack and Jill, rehearsal dinner and wedding day all in the same location. Contact us for more details.


#18 Relax

To wrap up our series: Recently Engaged? Brides Magazine says there are 18 things to do as soon as you get engaged #18: Relax, schedule a date night, go away for a night just the two of you, put a moratorium on the topic of weddings and wedding planning. Bring out the young, in love couple that you were when you first met. This will give you some good memories to fall back on when the whirlwind that is all things wedding related threatens to take over.