Outdoor Ceremony

We have several exquisite locations that can be used for your ceremony, based on your preference and the size of your party.

The favorite location by far is underneath our lovely grape arbor on the mansion grounds.  Walk down a soft, natural isle in a brilliant mix of sun and shade, while the cool breeze and scents of our gardens keep your guests comfortable. A beautiful location for all our spring, summer and fall weddings. Ceremonies under the arbor can accommodate up to 150 guests, chairs not provided.

A “Real Wedding” ceremony at the grape arbor:

Christine & Craig; an Illustrators Dream Wedding


The veranda is our second favored location for couples who are looking for the outdoor ceremony feel while keeping their guests comfortable from the sun’s intense rays. There are a number of ways to design your ceremony floor plan and multiple entrances for the bride to walk down the aisle. The veranda can seat up to 100 guests using chairs included in your Tarrywile Mansion rental agreement. Any way you design it your guests will be surrounded by beautiful garden vistas under  graceful Victorian architecture.

A “Real Wedding” ceremony on the veranda:

Robert & Rachel; a Wedding with a Cuban Flair

The gazebo, surrounded by vibrant flowers during the warmer months and spectacular foliage in autumn, is a lovely location for an intimate ceremony. This location is often used for smaller weddings with 20 – 30 guests. It has been used on occasion for larger weddings where the guests are seated on the adjacent lawn facing the gazebo. Either way you use it, the Gazebo is romance personified.

A “Real Wedding” ceremony at the gazebo:

Kat & Jesse; a Gazebo Ceremony

Kat & Jesse Gazebo Ceremony
bride and groom holding hands in front of jp bridal party and guests

Indoor Ceremony

Indoor ceremonies at Tarrywile are no less spectacular.  For a unique memory-worthy experience, it’s hard to beat our conservatory.  With a beautiful view of the outdoors out-shined only by the lovely plantings and decor, the conservatory provides an intimate and unique experience.  Up to 50 guests can be seated in the adjacent drawing room.

A “Real Wedding” ceremony in the conservatory:

Annie & Anthony; a Conservatory Wedding Ceremony

Newlywed Quick 10: Sarah & Casey

By: twadmin | 11 Jul 2019

Newlyweds: Sarah & Casey Wedding Date: June 22, 2019 1. Wedding colors: Navy, Blush, Grey and metallic (gold and rose gold). 2. Everything was planned by: ME! The bride. 3. Favorite Detail: Seeing Casey at the end of the grape arbor. This location was a central piece of our wedding. It mixed also my Lebanese heritage in with the wedding too! We were married by one of my best friends and pronounced husband and wife officially by my…

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Newlywed Quick 10: Rich & Alicia

By: twadmin | 25 Jun 2019

Newlyweds: Rich & Alicia Wedding Date: June 8, 2019 Day of the week you were married: Saturday Time you woke up: 8:30 am Wouldn’t have made it to the wedding day without: Our parents’ and each other’s support Ceremony location: Under the grape arbor Professional music: Emily Frederick, violin; Mike from Vivid Events Newlywed Answers cont. 6.  Most surprising thing: How quickly everything went (despite everyone saying “it goes quick”) 7.  Standout memory: Our first Dance 8.  Would you…

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Newlywed Quick 10: Chris & Paige

By: twadmin | 28 Feb 2019

This Newlywed Quick 10 is a treat for us, we have the viewpoint from both the bride Paige and the groom Chris. Enjoy! Spouses: Chris and Paige Wedding Date: July 29, 2018 The Groom Chris’ Answers: Wedding colors: Green and Gold Everything was planned by: Us! Favorite detail: Our dog walking down the aisle. Ceremony Location: Grape Grove Most surprising thing: The beauty of the park and mansion Standout…

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Newlywed Quick 10: Alyssa & Nick

By: twadmin | 29 Nov 2018

Spouses: Alyssa & Nicholas Wedding Date: September 22, 2018 Day of the week you were married: Saturday, September 22, 2018 Time you woke up: 7:30 am Wouldn’t have made it to the wedding day without: our amazing friends and family Ceremony location: grape arbor Professional music: DJ Paul Lacano from James Daniel 6. Most surprising thing: everything actually went smoothly!:) 7. Stand out memory: The night was a blur and went by so fast, but dancing and celebrating…

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Newlywed Quick 10: Rachel & Robert

By: twadmin | 11 Sep 2018

Spouses: Rachel & Robert Wedding Date: June 23, 2018 1. Wedding colors: Aqua 2. Everything was planned by: Myself, our Aunt Maria and Elaina Mendes from Westwind Catering 3. Favorite detail: Pineapples! 🙂 4. Ceremony Location: Tarrywile Mansion veranda 5. Most surprising thing: The weather held up, it was supposed to rain but it ended up being nice and cool with no rain (so thankful)6. Standout memory: Dancing up a storm 7. Would you change anything: Only that I would have sat…

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Newlywed Quick 10: Larry & Lori

By: twadmin | 12 Jul 2018

Spouses: Lori & Larry Wedding Date: August 26, 2017 1.  Wedding Colors = Cream and Sunflower Yellow 2.  Everything was planned by = Daughters, Best Friends and us! 3.  Favorite detail = our personalized koozie favors 4.  Ceremony location = Under the arbor 5.  Most Surprising thing = How incredible the music was with Mike Tedesco 6.  Standout Memory = How beautiful the day was 7.  Would you change anything = Not one thing 8.  Adjective to describe your shoes = sexy 9.  How long…

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Newlywed Quick 10: Heather & Chris

By: twadmin | 10 May 2018

Spouses: Heather & Chris   Wedding: October 28, 2017   1. Length of engagement: 11 months 2. 3 adjectives to describe your wedding vision: relaxed, classic, comfortable 3. Most challenging vendor to find/hire: florist, many were very expensive or suddenly would stop answering. 4. How close to the wedding were they hired? 8 months before the wedding 5. Most surprising thing: How everything just falls together after all the stress and planning 6. Standout memory: dancing all night with relatives we haven’t seen in ages and seeing…

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Newlywed Quick 10: Shaina & Zach

By: twadmin | 26 Apr 2018

Spouses: Shaina & Zach Wedding: October 7, 2017 1. Day of the week you were married: Saturday October 7th 2. Time you woke up: 6 0r 7 am for the groom and 9 am for the bride who stayed up doing wedding flowers 3. Wouldn’t have made it to the wedding day without: A lot of help from friends and family 4. Ceremony location: The Tarrywile Grape Arbor 5. Professional music: DJ Richard Phillips at the reception and Patrick MaGuire as…

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Vendor Spotlight: Custom Floral Designs

By: twadmin | 12 Apr 2018

This weeks vendor spotlight features the amazingly talented floral designer Diane Gaudett, owner of Custom Floral Designs. I first came across Dianes’ artistic creations about three years ago when she displayed samples of her work for one of our vendor tastings. Upon doing more research discovered that Diane has been hired for Mansion events longer before I began my position as Tarrywile Mansion’s Event Coordinator a little over 5 years ago. The Mission Statement of Custom Floral Designs…

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Tips from the Pro’s: Linen, Dishes, Tableware

By: twadmin | 22 Mar 2018

Every year in January one of our Approved Caterers hosts a tasting at the Mansion for all his clients that have booked their event with him. It’s a great opportunity to taste his food, see how his staff operates and get ideas for your wedding day. He invites some of our approved vendors to showcase their goods or services and it gives us a chance to see some of the latest trends in linens, dishes & tableware.

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